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Obsessör was found in in early 2009 by GenozideRichard in order to play traditional Blackened German Thrash Metal. The other participating members were NEKROSCHWANZ (Zerstörer), Kremator (ZERSTÖRER) and McBREU (Beer Pressure). The first EP Black Thrashing Blasphemy was released in the same year by KREMATORs GO FUCK YOURSELF PRODUCTIONS. It contains 6 songs of pitch black thrash onslaught. Afterwards Obsessör played many concerts around Germany with bands like DELIRIUM TREMENS, HERETIC, BLIZZARD, BARBATOS, KILL, MORBID INSULTER, etc. In early 2011 OBSESSÖR started the recordings on the first Full Length entitled BLITZKRIEG BATTALION. The tape version was released in winter 2011 by GENOZIDERICHARDs HEAVY METAL STURMTRUPP RECORDS. The CD version is released by GOAT KULT SYMPHONIES in February 2012. In the same year, Obsessör played numerous shows around Europe in countries like Denmark, Holland, Bulgaria or Italy, ‚till a new released saw the light of the day: Ultimate Thrashing Demons, a Split-CD with the malaysian Band STORMING STEELS. For early 2013 there is a new EP planned. It will be entitled BLACK MAGIC RITES, and will be released by DEATHSTRIKE RECORDS. Over the years, Obsessör for sure took it’s place in the Heavy Metal Underground scene.


Sudden Death


SUDDEN DEATH kommen aus Deutschland. Die Band gibt es seit 1990. Die Band hat sich seit den Anfangstagen dem Deathmetal verschrieben.

1996 “ focus of disease“
1998 „infernal“
2000 “ unnatural human art“
2007“ rethroned“

Mittlerweile kann man auf 2 5Track-MINI EPs und 2 Full-Length-Alben zurückblicken. In der deutschen Deathmetal-Szene hat sich SuddenDeath einen festen Platz in den letzten 15 Jahren erspielt, in der dem Deatmetal-Special des MetalHammer wurden SuddenDeath als eines der Urgesteine der deutschen Deathmetal-Szene beschrieben.

In der Fachpresse bekamen ihre alle in Eigenproduktion veröffentlichten Platten durchweg positve Kritiken. Stilistisch weiter hin irgendwo zwischen Cannibal Corpse, Morbid Angel und Carcass; wobei sie über die Jahre einen sehr eigenwilligen OLD SCHOOL DEATH METAL entwickelt hat.

Von 2002-2006 gab es eine Bandpause, nun aber sind SuddenDeath wieder voller Tatendrang.
Die 5te Platte ist in Planung und wird 2012 veröffentlicht.

First Degree Murder



Im Jahr 2009 formierte sich die Band „First Degree Murder“ aus Simon Kowalzik, Martin Pieper, Micha Wessel und Alex Milne, um gemeinsam ihren musikalischen Vorlieben, dem Death Metal, nachzugehen. Schnell fand sich ein gemeinsamer Konsens, schließlich spielten Simon, Martin, Micha und Alex schon eine geraume Zeit vor „First Degree Murder“ in gemeinsamen Bands.

Noch im selben Jahr stellten die vier Jungs aus Herford in Nordrhein-Westfalen ihre erste gemeinsame EP vor. Schlicht und einfach „EP 2010“ genannt, lassen sich auf der EP viele musikalische Einflüsse finden, die die Band in ihrer Findungsphase begleitet haben. Mit viel Selbstvertrauen machte sich „First Degree Murder“ nun an die Arbeit ihren ersten Longplayer zu veröffentlichen. Die Arbeit an neuen Stücken sollte dabei ungemein einfach von der Hand gehen und so stellten sie die Aufnahmen für „Beyond Salvation“, mit insgesamt 13 neuen Songs, schon im Juni 2011 fertig.Das Album beinhaltet alles was den Sound von „First Degree Murder“ ausmacht, einfach guten Death Metal. Erscheinungsdatum TBA!!!


After playing in several bands, Fadil B. decided to write some own songs. In order to unleash these songs into the people´s minds, he asked some good friends to join this project and in early 2009 the band Hell´s Breath was formed in Minden, Germany NRW (some lovely greetings to Fabia H. at this point!).

At this time the band members were Fadil B. (lead-/rhythm guitar, lead vocals), Willi (lead-/rhythm guitar, backing vocals), Schlotti (bass Guitar), Hellma (drums and percussion). As the musical style did not fit into the taste of Willi, he soon left the band and was replaced by a guitarist called Jonas P. After some rehersals, a live gig and new song material, the band decided to change the bandname into Pandorium, as the old one seemed too stereotype. Pandorium stands for unusual song-structures, intense, melodic, bay area thrash inspired music. Its emphasis lays on exotic, odd and depressive feelings.

The positive reviews brought the band to release a demo-EP. The recordings to „DEMOlition“ were finished in summer 2011 which were very well received, and helped them to play many gigs in order to gain more attention and performing experience.

Due to lack of time, Hellma and Jonas P. left the band in summer 2012. They were replaced by Jannik M. (Drums) and Marvin H. (Guitars). Now that the band is complete again, it´s time to record the long-awaited debut album, which will happen in early 2013, followed by a tour with promotion gigs. The album will contain the 3 songs of the „DEMOlition“ EP (hearable through stream on „“, „“ or „“) plus 6 more tracks.

The band tries to reach as much people as possible to spread the word, and to convey the energy they feel as they play their songs to the listeners mind. Want to enjoy this intense, emotional destruction live? Book us!!